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Who We Are

We’re a friendly and different bathroom remodel company that loves to provide a little something special service for every time! From remodeling to renovation – we’ve got your bathroom covered with our variety of unique services.

Thinking about to remodel or renovation of your bathroom… so why not call us?

Bathroom Remodel Hawaii has made its way into the hearts of many happy customers. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and provide a reliable, high-quality remodeling service every time we set up for your bathroom!

When you share an idea, we listen and we love to create. This commitment is what drives us to deliver exactly what’s right for you and your bathroom – every time!

Bathroom Remodel Hawaii was founded on the principle of providing quality, affordable bathroom remodel and renovation service throughout Hawaii. Since then Bathroom Remodel Hawaii has grown into a family run business. We offer full-service support for any of your bathroom issues.

The Bathroom Remodel Hawaii team work hard to ensure that all our customers receive an excellent service on every job. With over 15 years experience in the business, you can trust us to provide exactly what you need.

We assure you a complete peace of mind​

Contact us for any issue you face with bathroom. Fill the form to get a free quote from us, we will revert back to you at the earliest we can.

Numbers speak for themselves
100 +
Satisfied Clients
Years of Experience
Completed Projects

Our success stories are more than enough for our credentials. Our quality service and successful jobs are our testimonials for your satisfaction.

We aim to please our clients with our recommendable performance and hence ensure the timely deliverance of services on our part. We are also always prepared for any kind of challenge and our numbers are a statement of that.

The Bathroom Remodel Hawaii holds an experience of roughly 15 years where we have dealt with approximately 100 plus clients. In this time we have almost worked on some 230 projects which in itself are a statement of our success.

We understand how it is not easy to let a complete stranger in your house, around your kids and family. This is why we at Bathroom Remodel Hawaii take every possible precaution for your safety. We hire individuals only after thoroughly investigating their backgrounds and histories and ensuring that they are best at their works. We train them well and ensure that they know how our client’s safety and satisfaction is our top priority.

The strong ethics and high working standards drive our technicians at Bathroom Remodel Hawaii to deliver the best results. Our employees here are a pro at their jobs and are always completely devoted to their tasks in hand. They are a team of professionals who are licensed to carry out their jobs.

Our numbers narrate our success story. They are proof of our success.